Our Family

Alan and Sue

Alan loves being a husband and father and leading the family band. He loves to share the Gospel. He is a retired engineer and is very handy with just about everything. He and Sue met 19 years ago at a bible study. He plays the acoustic bass and sometimes the kids let him sing along.

Sue loves the Lord. She is the homemaker and keeps it all together for us. She also runs the sound board when we are playing. She and Alan have 8 children and 6 grandchildren. Aside from her husband, her children and grandchildren are the loves of her life.



Kaylee is 17 years old, and all girl! She spends her spare time playing the piano, cooking, sewing, and doing photography. She is committed to serving God with her life one step at a time.


Chloe is 16 years old. You will often find her reading, playing games, or practicing her archery out in the back yard. She enjoys reading and writing out scripture.


Kyle is 15 years old. It is not unusual to find him playing his banjo, reading (if he has a good book), or in a fun loving wrestling match with his little brother. He loves serving in our church bus ministry, and will soon have a bus route of his own. Kyle has a strong vision to serve God with his future.


At 12 years old, Levi is Dad's handyman, always ready to lend a hand when needed. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing (along with his imagination) in the great outdoors. Levi Loves God and is known for his big smile!


Eric is 26 years old. Though he does not travel and sing with us, he is always back home doing whatever needs to be done. He is our website designer and helps us keep up on the technical side of things. Eric is an engineer at Collins Aerospace and is not to mention an amazing example to his younger siblings. He is faithfully serving God in all that he does.